Why choose an apartment over a hotel?

I’m sure you’re no stranger to hearing, “It must be lovely jetting around the world and getting paid for it!” Any of us that have travelled for business know that the reality is far from glamourous, with early mornings and late nights, long days traveling to unfamiliar places and constant networking where our precious evenings disappear. That familiar feeling of tiredness when you get through the door and all you want to do is relax and switch off…we’re with you and completely understand.

People need to travel for business for all sort of reasons, whether it’s on a short term assignment, longer term project work or maybe even a complete relocation. Staying in a hotel isn’t always an option, especially when you look at the costs – long term room occupancy can be crippling for a department’s budget and Hotel locations are not always conveniently located for business which can also increase travel costs. Altogether apartment living offers a great alternative and below we have listed the five major benefits of choosing an apartment for your next stay away from home for business:

  • Space – an apartment ensures you have a lot more space (25-35 sq. metres) than an average hotel bedroom, which is particularly important for extended stays. Cabin fever isn’t pleasant and with a Select Apartment you’re guaranteed plenty of room to make yourself at home.
  • Flexibility – with your own kitchenette you can eat what you want, when you want. It’s more than a hotel room, it can also be your temporary office, meeting space or even your own yoga studio! Being away from home shouldn’t interrupt your personal daily rituals, if anything they help to keep you on top form when you don’t have all your home comforts.
  • Cost – serviced apartments have fewer extra charges and are usually 20-25% less than staying in an equivalent standard hotel. The longer you stay, the cheaper it becomes. Reductions usually apply for stays over thirty nights, so if a longer stay is what you need, ask one of our consultants for a quote before you hand over your credit card to a hotel.
  • Privacy – one of the benefits of our serviced apartments is the weekly maid service. This means your apartment can be kept clean whilst you retain your privacy without interruptions.
  • Lifestyle – In an apartment you can live exactly the way you want to live rather than existing in a hotel, confined to those four walls and room service or an expensive hotel restaurant. With an apartment you have the freedom to shop in the local market for fresh food or enjoy a takeout meal, whatever takes your fancy.

We think choosing an apartment is a no-brainer but don’t just take our word for it, one of our clients said, “Select Apartments property choice, service and administrative support ahead of and during the Olympic Games means we would strongly recommend them to anyone looking for serviced apartments”.

If you need to stay away from home regularly, enquire with one of team about our reward scheme. Each time you make a booking you will earn points – these points can be converted into gift vouchers for your favourite stores, or if you prefer the value can be donated to a charity of your choice. Select Apartments makes staying away from home just a little more rewarding.