Venues & Destinations Summit

Select Apartments exhibited last week at the Venues & Destinations Summit, organised by PA Life Magazine, which was held at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel. This was an excellent opportunity for us to showcase our specialist service to PA’s and decision makers and to explain the many benefits and the cost savings of Serviced Apartments versus hotels.

MD of Select Apartments, Simon Morrison, spoke on a panel session about Travel Safety and Security. Apartments are relevant as they offer more privacy and security than hotels, particularly with the female or lone traveller in mind. He said ”we don’t adopt a one size fits all approach, and try to get a good understanding of the client’s specific requirements in advance of their arrival. Who are they, the type of hotels they normally stay in and their seniority within the company”

The panel went onto discuss the rise of Airbnb, the complete lack of regulation of this service and the impact this may have on business travellers. Morrison was quoted as saying “Booking Airbnb is a bit like Russian roulette, as you have no real idea what you’re going to get until you arrive and you risk a negative outcome.” Airbnb does not vet landlords or inspect any of the properties they list. You don’t have to prove that you have a fire safety certificate or a smoke alarm and there’s no need to have public liability insurance either. How many hotels or serviced apartments would be able to operate legally in the UK on this basis?

Employers however, must demonstrate a duty of care to their employees at all times. This responsibility continues even when their employees are travelling on business. Should an employee suffer an injury or worse, the employer may be required to prove in a Court of Law that they carried all the necessary checks, to minimise any potential liability