Airbnb – At your own risk !

Airbnb predicts that there will be 80 million room nights booked globally during 2016, although only 3% of the UK population have said they have used this service. Of the 3% that have used Airbnb, the fastest growing ‘sharing economy’ accommodation provider, 97% say they are keen to place a repeat booking. Despite Airbnb launching a […]

Why choose an apartment over a hotel?

I’m sure you’re no stranger to hearing, “It must be lovely jetting around the world and getting paid for it!” Any of us that have travelled for business know that the reality is far from glamourous, with early mornings and late nights, long days traveling to unfamiliar places and constant networking where our precious evenings […]

Why choose Select

Looking for a place to stay that meets all your requirements can be stressful, especially if you’re short on time or have a set budget. Maybe you’re looking for accommodation in another part of the world that you’re not familiar with? What if you need accommodation for longer than a couple of weeks? We’ve all […]

King’s Cross and St Pancras area guide

King’s Cross and St Pancras is London’s latest up and coming district as it has seen extensive regeneration in recent years. The facelift began with Eurostar’s London terminal moving from Waterloo to St Pancras eight years ago – now The Guardian newspaper’s HQ calls it home along with it’s soon to be neighbour Google, as their […]

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